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HERO Portable Diesel Generator

The water-cooled design of the HERO Generator utilizes a homeowners pool, irrigation, well, city, pond, or seawater to cool the engine and exhaust. The emergency run switch on the generator overrides controls to ensure operation in catastrophic events. A remote radiator option is also available if there is no water source. We offer professional installation locally for the HERO Generator.

H.E.R.O E30HE Diesel Generator

Designed & Built in Wilmington, North Carolina


  • Kubota v3300 Engine 1800 RPM
  • Mecalte ECP32-F/4 Alternator
  • Water cooled with Manicooler heat exchanger
  • Deep Sea programable, auto-start controller
  • Weather Protected & Sound reducing fiberglass enclosure

Kubota Diesel Advantage

  • More efficient – 1800 RPM
  • Average fuel consumption: 1.8 gallon/hour*
  • More reliable, less maintenance, and lower maintenance cost
  • Diesel fuel is much more stable, available, and easy to transport
  • Diesel engine uses 1/5 the fuel of natural gas or propane engine
Greenfield Energy's HERO Brochure for 2022
Greenfield Energy's HERO Brochure for 2022

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