We are honored to have been selected as a 2024 Coastal Entrepreneur Award Winner!


Greenfield Energy, established in 2007, sells and installs electric generating equipment for agricultural, small business, and large residential applications.  We also sell irrigation equipment and supplies for agricultural applications.  We perform maintenance and repair services for the equipment we sell and other similar equipment.  We also provide energy consulting services including energy supply and efficiency recommendations.

Greenfield is operated by Floyd Price who manages all technical services. Floyd has been in the specialty-equipment sales and service field for more than 40 years and was formerly the owner/operator of Price Power. Floyd has particular experience in generator and pumping applications for remote locations, such as farms and facilities in the Bahamas and other islands, where extreme reliability is critical. Floyd is an expert in assessing the load requirements and recommending appropriate equipment for the project goals and mission. Floyd’s projects have ranged in the 5 to 500kW size range.

Greenfield Energy is owned and managed by Robin Spinks.  Robin is a former Vice President of Marketing and Project Development for Cogentrix Energy.  For 10 years she developed coal and gas-fired power plant projects in the 80 to 800 MW size range for the independent power company. The Cogentrix projects were both cogeneration, selling steam to manufacturers and electricity to utilities, and wholesale power production facilities. Robin also owns Greenfield Development Company which is an economic development consulting firm. In this capacity, she performs site selection consulting for manufacturing facilities and large power projects, including renewable energy projects. Robin has worked on projects in over 35 states. 

Greenfield is the national distributor for generators manufactured by Grandwatt Electric, and the regional manufacturer’s representative for generators manufactured by Pivot Power. In addition, Greenfield has also designed and assembled its own HERO unit, a heat exchanger cooled diesel generator that is a perfect solution for water-accessible locations. However, we also source and sell on a wholesale or retail basis, from any other manufacturers depending on the project needs. Depending on the project and application, we subcontract with local electricians when a license is required for some portions of the installation.  Our specialization is in project management, applications analysis, and hands-on diagnosis; but we provide a full-service project completion with selected subcontractors.

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